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The new innovative VDZ lifting and recovery system has been developde by one of the loading vehicle recovery companies in Europe, through continuing development and consultation with vehicle manufacturers the system has been developed for all modern trucks. With modern encompassing new technology within design and develpment fot greater payloads, the complex design and manufacture of these trucks requires a new approach fot the recovery and transportation should the vehicle require towing.

Modern vehicle manufacturers are now putting greater omphasis on how and where a vehicle should be lifted for recovery, as serious damage could in incorrect lifting or towing, therefor the new VDZ Sytem utilises the manufacturers inbuilt towing and lifting points, wich as per manufactures specification identifies the correct towing connections to the vehicle and procedures. The new VDZ system has been developed over a sustained period with extensive long distance trialling thoughout Europe over a variety of terrain, and proved to be an innovative damage free towing and recovery system.

Operator safety, the VDZ system alleviates the need for your recovery drivers to make a pre lift and stand the casualty vehicle on stands, eliminates the need for the recovery operator to lay under the casualty vehicle to connect teh recovery vehicle, remove the need for chains and tensioners wich can work allowing the vehicle to move whilst towing, thus giving the recovery operation a safer working environment.

The VDZ system allows the vehicle being recovered to be lifted from the vehicle manufactures correct recovery and towing points, which also moves the point of lifting substantially forward giving less weight on the recovery vehicle cross head allowing the underlift boom to be retacted when towing, which in turn, reduces the weight transferred through to the recovery vehicle. The VDZ system assists the operator keeping their recovery vehicles legal on rear axle weights, gives better control stopping the "see-saw"and high rear axle recovery vehicle loading effect currently experienced lifing under the front axle, the system also eliminates unde bumper, or radiator damage when negotiating severe road undulations.

The full VDZ system comprises of 25 pieces for all modern trucks, be the first to be safe with your drivers, legal with your truck and reduce damage.

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