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Towing vehicles occured in the early years with Volvo F88 Garwood crane. This crane, Johan vd Zand conrtucted a home made hydraulic lifting arm.



Were vehicles fot the rescue more difficult to mount over the years in Sweden found Mstr. Eka salvage crane from, including the various fittings te connect to, trucks then a great leap forward in technology and for that time modern.


Over the years, the trucks have become bigger and the spring leaves being built further away, this spring blades are obviously important for coupling.The front axle is contiously built and accesibility is becoming more difficult, new engines with Euro 6 version require a larger colling so the manufactures greater radier places for these additional cooling.

So even harder for connecting the storage driver.

A stranded truck on the highway has to be towed always as soon as possible, espacially important is the flow of traffic but also the dasety is an important issue.                                       

Within the salvage vd Zand of various attachments hven been developed in recent years, which makes it possible, when almost all the truck marks to be able to lift it to the front of the existing towing eyes.

Years of tests of the various products is ultimately a professional design which now occur to many users is delivered. Always be new developments introduced again and the quality of the material tested.






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